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    Show off your best work to people who appreciate it.

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    World renowned guest speakers

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    Connect with others for field trips and job referrals, etc.

Clickers & Flickers 2014 Event Schedule



  • "Congratulations to your many years of keeping the photography flame going. You work very hard and have such an exciting enthusiasm that has to rub off on all those involved with Clickers and Flickers. You are a wonderful resource for photographers near and far.”

    Eugene F. Lally (Inventor of Digital Photography, 1961)
  • “I want to thank you for the excellent evening with Norman Seeff at your event. Given by one of the preeminent celebrity shooters of the last 40 years, it was fascinating presentation, quite unexpected really, in that it led more to a discussion of the origins of creativity rather than just a history of his work. It gave me a better appreciation of that work, knowing now how he achieves it”. .

    Bob Francis
  • "It was a distinct honor and pleasure being invited to present my images of marine life behavior at Clickers and Flickers. The level of enthusiasm and energy that Dawn Stevens brings to her organization is a truly amazing… and highly contagious! The C & F members are a uniquely diverse and talented group, but also extremely warm and welcoming. Thank you to everyone for making me feel so at home. I look forward to the next time we cross paths!"

    Mark Strickland
  • “Clickers and Flickers is unlike any other Photography Club in its dynamic, widely varied mix of passionate amateurs and seasoned professionals, some of them with important links to LA's movie world. Relating on several of these levels at once, we shared and compared images and experiences. When I presented Causes and Spirits as the guest speaker, I felt my core images and autobiographical stories of universal Humanity resonated strongly with all involved. A memorable evening thanks to the long-running efforts of founder and coordinator Dawn Hope Stevens.”

    William Carter
  • "It was my pleasure to be an event guest speaker for Clickers & Flickers. The dinner was awesome, the place stunningly beautiful and the people there very knowledgeable & highly creative. Dawn really is the gal who gets it all together and it was a delight to have LEE VARIS assisting with my slide show at which I presented over 600 images, some of them never-seen-before as well as many unpublished works."

    Justice Howard
  • "Thank you so much for inviting Susan and me to attend and for inviting me to speak at last month's Clickers and Flickers dinner. What a delightful evening that was, I felt so at home with your crowd. It was almost like I knew these lovers of photography since High School. It was very special when I realized that I felt the warmth coming from them. It seemed that they really saw my work. And I knew they were very interested in Vivian Maier and her life's work. It was good to be able to talk seriously about photography for a change."

    Steven Poster, ASC, Director of Photography, President of International Cinematographers Guild IASTS Local 600
  • "You are simply amazing, a force of nature. I’ve been in Miami working on “Pain and Gain” but may be in LA for Greg Dyro, whom I love. Thank you for being the Dawn.”

    Robert G. Zuckerman
  • "Dawn Stevens of Clickers and Flickers has been a pleasure to work with. We appreciate her support with the Vivian Maier photography project and the exposure she has offered through her publication. Stevens is a great networker and brings exciting ideas to the table related to film and photography. Her enthusiasm is contagious!”

    Jeffrey Goldstein, President and Anne Zakaras, Project Director of Vivian Maier Prints Inc.
  • "Thanks so much for the opportunity to present my Behind Photographs Project to the talented group at Clickers and Flickers. It was amazing to have Nick Ut there to tell everyone the story behind his amazing image in person! I will never forget that night. You are a bundle of energy Dawn, the photography world needs more of you!”

    Tim Mantoani
  • "Lovely group of people and how terrific of you, not only to publish the magazine, but to take time to bring interesting people together and then promote them so well. You have a great gift. Hope to see you very soon. I tell everyone what positive energy you have and I bump into people who know you EVERYWHERE.”

    Susan Morgan Cooper (Producer/Director: “An Unlikely Weapon: The Eddie Adams Story”)
  • "To the Editors and Staff of Clickers and Flickers: I am a long time reader and a fan of your great magazine. I'm just writing to say hello, see how things are going, and tell you all to keep up the good work!”

    Tom LaBonge, Councilmember, Los Angeles Council District 4
  • "My association with C&F has proved to be an enlightening adventure. I’ve grown not only as a photographer, but I’ve learned about travel, science, and even other forms of art. Best of all, I’ve made many new friends. It has been nothing but an enjoyable experience.”

    Leigh Kotkin
  • "C&F serves a valuable function. Keep up the good work!! Wn”

    Weston Naef (Curator Emeritus - J. Paul Getty Museum)

Welcome to the Clickers and Flickers Photography Network!

Clickers and Flickers is a dynamic, ever expanding network of photographers, digital artists, darkroom artists, filmmakers, curators, photographic vendors and photo enthusiasts of all kinds. Our members range in expertise from complete beginners to working professionals to nationally known artists.

This mix is one of our strengths. The combination of an amateur’s passion and a professional’s expertise stoke the creative fires of all our members.

Check Out Our Past Events

Photographers block From all Walks of Life

If you’re a travel photographer, we’ve had National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig and stock photographer Jim Zuckerman. If you’re a landscape photographer we’ve had Marc Meunch. Wildlife? B. “Moose” Peterson. Sports? Andrew Bernstein and Howard Bingham. Photojournalism? Boris Yaro and Steve Schapiro. Fashion? Melvin Sokolsky. The list goes on and on. Do check it out

Our Premiere Event

Join our monthly dinner lecture. We attract world class photographers and photo professionals, such as publishers, curators, collectors, photo magazine editors and writers to speak on their area of expertise. Check out our list of past speakers. Your favorite photographer is most probably there. If you’re an architectural photographer, we’ve had Julius Shulman and Marvin Rand. If you’re a rock and roll photographer, we’ve had Henry Diltz and Jim Marshall

Clickers and Flickers Photography Network

Is just what the title says, we are a dynamic group of photography and film loving enthusiasts who love getting together to compare images and ideas, to ask and answer questions, to share job opportunities and to meet new people who share our passion. Come join us. We’d love to meet you!


Want to do your own thing? Our newsletter lists the local events that are perfect for photographers. From gallery openings to cultural events to Christmas lights to local festivities, our newsletter tells you when and where to find them.

Advantages to attending the C&F networking dinners:

Not only great guest speakers & raffle prizes, but it’s a perfect venue for YOU to promote yourself! Make announcements and hear “Breaking News” announcements which are not in the C&F magazine, and not on our website